Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut; Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat

Mode-S EHS

The research on the use of Mode-S data for trajectory prediction purposes was initiated by Air Traffic Control The Netherlands (LVNL). In 2006 LVNL approached KNMI in order to explore possible opportunities and cooperation. An analysis report with the title 'LVNL Meteo Server' was produced by J.J. Vegter of LVNL in April 2007.
In December 2008 the Knowledge Development Centre Mainport Schiphol (KDC) initiated the project TP Meteo Server. The purpose of this project is to develop and implement a system to provide nowcasts and forecasts of wind, temperature and air-density data in a 3D grid covering an area with a radius of about 200nM around Schiphol, from sea level up to FL 450. The prime user of this service will be the Trajectory Prediction function in the LVNL ATC system. The KNMI component was funded by KDC and Mode-S EHS data was supplied to KNMI by LVNL. The final KDC report was delivered by LVNL on January 15, 2010. From this initial research it was concluded that:
  • Good quality wind can be derived from Mode-S EHS when
    • The magnetic heading is corrected to the true north
    • The 'true' heading is corrected with a aircraft dependent heading correction
  • When corrected, the Mode-S EHS derived wind observations show to have a positive impact when assimilated in a Rapid Update Cycle of HIRLAM
Experts involved in this project were:
  • LVNL: Paul de Kraker, Ferdinand Dijkstra
  • Boeing: Louis Bailey
  • KNMI: Siebren de Haan, Ad Stoffelen, Jan Sondij
Research on the use of Mode-S EHS data continued as KDC started a project for the development and implementation of TP Next Generation . KNMI was partially funded by KDC to deliver the KNMI component, in casu the meteorological information. The research started in March 2010 and the final report of KNMI is expected in September 2013.
Experts involved in this project are:
  • LVNL: Douwe de Vries, Jan Westland, Maarten Tielrooij
  • Boeing: Louis Bailey
  • KLM: Joost Konnen
  • KNMI: Siebren de Haan, Jan Sondij, Mark Savenije, Gert-Jan Marseille, Cisco de Bruijn, Sander Tijm
In November 2012 a Non Disclosure Agreement was signed between Maastricht Upper Area Centre (MUAC) of EUROCONTROL and KNMI. Operational Mode-S EHS data of Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands is provided to KNMI by MUAC every 15 minutes. KNMI uses this data to derive wind and temperature observations for operational assimilation in numerical weather prediction models.
Foreseen future steps:
  • operational implementation in HIRLAM
  • expansion of Mode-S EHS coverage in Europe
  • assimilation in HARMONIE as part of SESAR Sub Work Package 11.2
  • eddy dissipation rate retrieval via Mode-S EHS as part of EU UFO project